Monday, October 11, 2010

The Goat

I am proud to tell all, that I have nearly crochet the whole shaun the sheep gang, with my own patterns.
Up until now, my most favourite customer, has patiently asked me to do one after the other.
She has now a truely unique collection of Shaun, the naughty pig, Bitzer the dog, the farmer, Slim Shirley and now the goat is done and ready to join his farmyard friends in Canada.
This has been a journey of joy for me and hopefully for a little boy whos name is Ethan.


The Cone Family said...

Do you have patterns for these? I've been wanting to crochet the characters for my children and have been looking for patterns. I came across your blog while searching online. The Shaun the Sheep characters look great!

Creativita said...

Patterns are not available, as jet, I only have my messy pencil markings, looks more like chaos, rather than a pattern! Keep an eye on my etsy shop Creativita, my plan is to do Shaun the Sheep first :-)